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CLINICAL                           Full range of clinical occupational and general medical skills.

                                           Trained counsellor


MANAGERIAL                    Project Management

                                           Budget Management

                                           People Selection, Development and Management

                                           Team facilitation

                                           Client Service Agreements and Contract Management

                                           Total Quality Management and design and operation of quality systems


POLICY AND                     Development of corporate policy

STANDARD SETTING      Development of standards and procedures


AUDITING                          Successfully completed Bywater Lead Auditor Course

                                           Writing compliance audit protocols; System Audits


ORGANISATIONAL           International conference organisation


ASSESSMENT                  Formal Chemical Health Risk Assessments

                                           Workplace Risk Assessments

                                           Capital Project Health & Safety Assessments

                                           Health Surveillance decisions and design


OCCUPATIONAL              Hygiene Monitoring Strategy

HYGIENE                           Static and Personal Monitoring

                                           Use of direct-reading equipment


EXPOSURE                      Ventilation Design

CONTROL                        Safe working practices design

                                           Specification and selection of personal protective equipment



COMMUNICATION            Presentations

                                           Technical writing, reviews and reports

                                           Teaching and training


REPRESENTATION         Of European Chemical Industry to European Commission


RESEARCH                      Study design and execution

                                           Data analysis and statistics

                                           Review and evaluation of others’ research


COMPUTING                     Fully conversant with Microsoft Office and many other application software products


LANGUAGES                     English mother tongue.

                                           Effective spoken and written French;

                                           Fair spoken Dutch;

                                           German was once quite good, but is weak

                                                    from lack of use.

                                           Comprehension of these four languages and

                                                    of written Italian and Spanish is sufficient for

                                                    scientific purposes.

For your more difficult tasks.