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Expert Witness Experience and Expertise


  • About 218 reports since 1998 relating to 294 Claimants

    • 186 for Claimant, 25 for Defendant

    • 4 under pre-action protocol, 7 Single Joint Expert

  • Barrister-Trained

  • Court Experience

  • Have worked alongside three eminent professors in a class action of 30,000 citizens of Abidjan v Trafigura

  • Many repeat instructions; the chart indicates the number of repeat instructions

The number of repeat instructions by Solicitor



  • Clinical Medicine

    • Only graduate of my year to get an exceptional double honours degree

    • I won the three major prizes

    • 10 years as a salaried partner in General Practice

    • 35 years practising occupational medicine, mainly in the chemical industry

    • Fellow of the Faculty of Occupational Medicine of the Royal College of Physicians


  • Occupational Hygiene (OH)

    • I managed the OH function for 20 years in the chemical industry

    • Very experienced in all aspects of OH except chemical analysis of samples

    • Prize-winner in the 1991 American Industrial Hygiene Association Conference for Best Technical Content Poster Presentation

    • Specialist Member of the Faculty of Occupational Hygiene by examination in 2003


  • Toxicology

    • I have held an Honorary Lectureship in Applied Toxicology at Birmingham University and have supervised M.Sc. and Ph.D. projects in toxicology

    • I have managed the product safety functions in the Chemical industry

    • I was a member of the Scientific Committee of the European Centre for the Ecotoxicology and Toxicology of Chemicals (ECETOC, see below)

    • I am the author of papers in toxicology, of Environmental Health Criteria Documents of the International Programme on chemical Safety of the WHO

    • I respond to health-related queries from the public for three large manufacturers of agricultural and horticultural chemicals.


These three areas of expertise allow me to specialise on all the aspects of chemical injury

  • The hazards of the chemicals involved

  • The exposure to the chemical(s)

  • The health effects of the exposure and the resulting disablement and prognosis


The Scope of my practice

  • Injuries from chemicals in the environment, home (e.g., boiler flue gases) and workplace

  • The effects of beverage alcohol on behaviour and performance

  • I do not cover medicines or drugs of abuse / ‘recreational drugs’

  • I do not do clinical negligence work

  • I do not normally undertake work in occupational health effects of agents or activities other than chemicals

  • I do not normally accept instructions via Medical reporting organisations


The significance of my experience in ECETOC is illustrated by the following excerpt from Wikipedia

A scientific, non-profit, non-commercial and non-governmental association; established in 1978, ECETOC's main objective is to identify, evaluate, and through such knowledge help industry to minimise any potentially adverse effects on human health and the environment that may arise from the manufacture and use of chemicals, biomaterials andpharmaceuticals. Counting as its members the leading companies in the manufacture and use of chemicals, ECETOC facilitates the networking of suitably qualified scientists from its member companies and academia and co-operates in a scientific context with international agencies, governmental authorities and professional societies.

ECETOC is governed by a Board of Administration which is responsible for the overall policy and finance of the organisation and appoints the members of its Scientific Committee which defines, manages and peer reviews the ECETOC work programme. The outputs of its work programme are manifested as published reports, papers and specialised workshops.

In recent years, ECETOC has played a key role in advising regulators during the introduction of European regulations on the production and use of chemical substances, see Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH).

Of particular note are the Targeted Risk Assessment Tools developed by ECETOC which use a tiered (step by step) approach for calculating the exposure to and risks from chemicals that might reasonably be expected in defined circumstances of use. The approach addresses exposure to consumers, workers and the environment.


I have consideable experience in designing, implementing and auditing quality management systems in the ISO-9000 series. I operate these principles in my methods for producing expert reports, though I have not submitted my methods to a certification body. My methods ensure that my reports are robust and, where applicable and possible, quantitative. Expert Witness  2 page illustrates this in relation to the handling of medical records